Units Involved in the Battle of Saltville 
October 2, 1864

Excerpted in part from "The Battle of Saltville: Massacre or Myth?" by William Marvel,
Blue and Gray Magazine, August 1991 (Volume VIII, Number 6)


Major General Stephen G. Burbridge 

Brigadier General Edward H. Hobson:
  • 13th Kentucky Cavalry
  • 30th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
  • 35th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
  • 40th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
  • 45th Kentucky Mounted Infantry
  • Colonel Charles Hanson (wounded), Colonel Clinton True: Colonel Robert W. Ratliff: [Back to "Was There a Massacre in Saltville in 1864?"]



    Brig. Gen. John Echols & Maj. Gen. John C. Breckinridge 

    Troops of the Department of Southwest Virginia: 
    Colonel Robert Trigg, superseded on October 1 by
    Brigadier General Alfred E. Jackson

    Colonel Henry Giltner:
  • 4th Kentucky Cavalry
  • 10th Kentucky Cavalry Battalion
  • 10th Kentucky Mounted Rifles
  • 64th Virginia Mounted Rifles
  • Two Independent Companies of Kentucky Cavalry under Captain Barton W. Jenkins and Captain T. W. Barrett
  • Lt. Colonel Robert T. Preston:
  • 4th (5th) Virginia Reserve Battalion
  • Lt. Colonel Robert Smith:
  • 13th (6th) Virginia Reserve Battalion
  • Captain John W. Barr:
  • Virginia Artillery Battery

  • Troops of the Army of Tennessee:
    Brigadier General John S. Williams

    Colonel William C. P. Breckinridge:
  • 1st Kentucky Cavalry (one battalion)
  • 9th Kentucky Cavalry
  • Colonel George G. Dibrell:
  • 4th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 8th Tennessee Cavalry /13th Tennessee Cavalry
  • 9th Tennessee Cavalry (According to The Saltville Massacre by Thomas D. Mays)
  • Brigadier General Felix H. Robertson:
  • 3rd Confederate Cavalry (fragment)
  • 6th Confederate Cavalry (fragment)
  • 8th Confederate Cavalry (one battalion)
  • 10th Confederate Cavalry
  • 5th Georgia Cavalry (fragment)

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