The Men of Company "E" of the
5th United States Colored Cavalry
Killed During an Ambush in
Simpsonville, Kentucky,
on January 25, 1865
Lampkins, Harrison Sergeant 26
Lewis, Benjamin Sergeant 24
Moton, Lewis Corporal 28
Moton, Jerry Corporal 24
Bailey, Walter Farrier 28
Coleman, Allen Private 20
Ford, Frank Private 20
Gray, Anderson Private 30
Hackley, James Private 19
Harrison, Henry Private 18
Jones, Lewis Private 19
McCall, Marcellus Private 20
Moton, Samuel Private 18
Parish, David Private 23
Phelps, Shelby Private 20
Seals, Alexander Private 29
Thompson, Albert Private 45
White, George Private 19
Moton, Murthey Private 18
Hodgers, Isaac Private 19
Huff, Samuel Private 18
Padock, Jacob Private 20

The following men of the 5th USCC were wounded in Simpsonville and ultimately died from their wounds

Name Rank
Lewis Baxter Private
Thomas Chirstman Private
Franklin Jasper Private
Spencer Jones Private
Edmund Webb Private
Battle Fitch Private


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*List provided by a Kentucky historian, John Trowbridge.