Members of the 5th USCC Listed as Missing in Action
the Battle of Saltville (10/2/64)
and Still Unaccounted for in 1866*
(Presumed to Have Been Murdered By Confederate Troops)    

Last Name First Name Co. Comments
Anderson+  Jefferson 
Baker+  William 
Bedford# Henry K
Black+  Joseph 
Blackmore# Peter
Bradford# Frank G
Brown+  Jefferson 
Brown+  Lewis  C/D?
Browning# Henry K
Chinn# John K
Cissell  Charles  C
Cissell  William 
Clay+  John  KIA Marion (Descp. Roll)
Clay# George G
Clay# John Will
Crutcher+  Andrew 
Downing# Henry
Dunn+  William 
Dunston+  Noah 
Finch+  Peter  KIA Saltville (Descp.Roll)
Fox+  Wiley  KIA Saltville (Descp. Roll)+
Garry+  William  KIA Saltville (Descp. Roll)+
Gordon+  Phillip  Died General Hospital—11/18/1864 (Descp. Roll) 
Griffen# Perry G
Grigsby+  Richard 
Grigsby+ George K
Hammond# George F
Harriman# Jackson G
Harris+  Samuel 
Harrison+  Samuel 
Hicks+  David  Died at Saltville of Gunshot Wounds (Descp. Roll)
Hunter+  John  KIA, Harrodsburg, KY (Descp. Roll)
Jackson+  Thomas 
James+  James 
Jefferson# Andrew K
Johnston+  Benjamin 
Leach/Lirch/Leich+ Julius  B
Lewis+  George  B
Lewis  James  B, 6th USCC
Martin  William 
Martin+  Zachariah 
Mason+  Robert  Returned from MIA (Descp. Roll)+
Massey+  Joseph 
Miller+  Samuel/Saul 
Money# Joseph K
Neal # Dudley F
Robinson# Samuel F
Scott+  King 
Scott+  Lowrie 
Seals+  Alexander  MIA Simpsonville (Descp. Roll)
Simpson+  Isiah 
Sloan/Slown+  Thomas 
Smith# John F
Smithson+  James 
Taylor# James F
Thomas+  Grant 
Thompson  Albert 
Tutt/Trott+  Peter 
Williams# James G

*In the appendix of his book, The Saltville Massacre, Thomas Mays' lists the names of just over one hundred men that were still listed as missing in action (MIA) on the 5th USCC's  muster rolls when the regiment was mustered out of service in 1866.  Mays did not identify which of these men were missing in action after the Battle of Saltville, though he was able to determine that forty-six of these men were missing following that fierce engagement.  On April 17, 1998, I reviewed the original muster rolls of the 5th USCC at the National Archives in Washington D.C. and was able to verify that the thirty-nine men from Mays' list, were missing after the Battle of Saltville. A subsequent visit to the National Archives and an examination of the Adjutant’s General’s Descriptive Records for the 5th USCC by Phyllis Brown revealed the names of additional Saltville MIAs still listed as MIAs after the war. The descriptive records also confirmed the Saltville MIA status of many of the men included on Mays’ list. However, the descriptive record conflicted with the muster rolls in nine cases.

#These men were not included on Mays' list, but were listed as Saltville MIAs after the war in the Adjutant General's Descriptive Record for the 5th USCC.

+ These men were listed on both Mays' list of 5th USCC MIAs and the Adjutant General's Descriptive Records for the 5th USCC.  In many instances, the Adjutant General Descriptive Records confirmed the men were Saltville MIAs.  However, in nine cases men on Mays' list, listed as Saltville MIAs on the muster rolls, were listed at KIA, returned, or MIA from different battles in the descriptive record.